Travel Technology Practice.


Travelers visit a standard of 38 websites when they plan their trips, as reported by Expedia insights. The current disintegration of data and its ineffective usage by booking systems and online travel companies have a big impact on the industry. Problems such as disruptions during traveling, disproportionate prices on bookings, and the lack of automation stay unresolved. However, this scene brings opportunities for new entrants and big companies to work towards a digital change.
Wowlogic offers services of consultancy engineering for businesses that want to provoke the existing industry state or a better experience for customers and employees in all areas of the travel domain. Our expertise in the industry and technology helps to build software environments for customers and employees that combine various data sources including the GDS (Global Distribution System), cruiseAPIs, booking systems, and Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) used by suppliers from car rentals, hotels, airlines, and railways.


Our work is focused on understanding users’ needs, working towards an excellent UX for every device they might interact from within your project. We believe that it is important for travel businesses to adapt their products for both desktop and mobile, as well as VR/AR environments. We help companies deliver their customers and employees a smooth and intuitive experience.

Collaborative spirit

Every stage throughout your project’s development, we facilitate the cooperation between you and business analysts, designers and engineers, each having advanced expertise in their domain and working towards a focused goal. We are the connection between technology solutions and business concepts.