Application and infrastructure optimization.

Single point of ownership and collective support for applications and infrastructure

The way of dealing with your company’s IT issues is to have a single point of ownership and a suitable mapping of the two applications and foundation called Applistructure. Without it, it is difficult to find out what the cause of the problem is and how to fix it.

At Wowlogic, we bring together Infrastructure Management (a business take on innovation) and Technical Support ( a technology ‘understanding’ of the business) to provide you with an all-encompassing solution. Our experience, driven by our CIO-model of service delivery, combines Data Center administration, Infrastructure Management, End-User Computing Services and IT Application Management. This results in the adaptation of proactive and manageable Applistructure for all-round support.

To accomplish an ideal execution of your IT environment we want an infrastructure management solution that adopts a holistic approach to infrastructure and applications. And this is where our Applistructure approach becomes the heart of your business activity. We would accept total responsibility for your IT Infrastructure, Applications and Operations, even as you keep control and concentrate on the following:

  • Consistency in cost of business activities and identified controls
  • End-Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and People (IT Staff) Satisfaction (PSAT or ESAT)
  • Accessibility and execution of Infrastructure and Applications
  • Planning of business capacities to meet the needs of your business
  • Effective IT functionality including business reporting to illustrate improvement.
  • Changing business through technological breakthroughs

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